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Established in 2003 Al Hasanat Trading LLC is based in Dubai, has been an established player in the corporate gifts supply and custom printed Sticky notes business since 2004.

Recently in Nov 2016 AL HASANAT TRADING LLC – Dubai , commissioned a small scale manufacturing unit in Surat Gujarat, with head office in Ahmedabad under name of M/s. TREEWISE STATIONERY PVT LTD, Manufacturing their own brand of pencils “TREEWISE PENCILS – Made from 100% recycled Newspapers”.

TREEWISE STATIONERY PVT LTD​, India is headed by Mr. Mubin Gangardiwala, who holds degree in mechanical engineering, and his vast experience & technical knowhow has helped us to achieve and maintain high quality standards to meet worldwide demands. To this effect we are the world’s first company to offer pencils with a PROMISE OF NO BREAKAGE WHILE WRITING OR SHARPENING which is our unique selling proposition.

OUR CURRENT MONTLY CAPACITY – 30 lac pencils per month including HB2, Color lead pencils.

Recently we launched TREEWISE PLANTABLE Pencils Plantable pencils made from waste paper that grows to different plants like tomato, chilly, Coriander, fenugreek, etc.

Above is a short profile about us and we humbly thank you for your support and look forward to doing business with you soon.

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  • To make wooden pencils, forests the size of 90 tennis courts are cut down every minute to supply wood.
  • Many pencil manufactures use wood taken from the rain forest.
  • Deforestation is a major cause of many negative enviromental changes.
  • Recycling 12.5 feet stack of newspapers saves a 20 foot pine tree.
  • TREEWISE PENCILS don't jam sharpeners. You may have had experiences with wood pencils jamming up sharpehers.

Compare & Choose Your Pencil Wisely!

Advantages of
treewise woodfree pencils

No joint, made in 1 part by
paper rolling method

100% centered lead, no breakge
while sharpening

Even paper support to lead,
no breakage while writing

Disadvantages of
wooden pencils

Joint of 2 parts by old
sandwich method

Off center lead causing
breakage while sharpening

Uneven wood support to
lead causing breakage while writing


In a consumer driven world where thoughts for the impact on our Earth have been largely ignored, it is essential that we promote & practice sustainable living. By forging Eco-friendly ideas at an early age, making positive decisions for the environment will become second nature. Schools play an important role in this, by providing a learning culture that allows the provision and sharing of knowledge.

At TREEWISE PENCILS we are committed to supporting schools in the teaching of sustainable practices, by offering schools our product at preferential low prices.A promise of excellent quality by meeting stringent EN71-3 international quality standards, our pencils are comparable to any top leading brand of pencils.


Made from 100% recycled newspapers.

No trees harmed in the making of these pencils!

A promise of no breakage while sharpening. makes pencil last longer.

HB # 2 Exra dark graphite ensures smooth hand writing.

Made without using any toxic chemicals/polymers/plastic.

Each pencil is made from a different Newspaper.